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The following steps may be helpful for a site migration where you need to find and replace all the old URLs with the new URLs. Problem: site references old URL ( New URL is Solution: Use the command line to make short work of the task. user@server:~$ mysql -u root -p Enter password: Use the database

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Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your WordPress theme will add a custom class to links output by the_tags template tag.   function add_class_the_tags($html){ $postid = get_the_ID(); $html = str_replace(‘<a’,'<a class=”wpsnipp”‘,$html); return $html; } add_filter(‘the_tags’,’add_class_the_tags’,10,1);

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In order to get Twitter Bootstrap buttons text to wrap onto multiple lines do the following: Add white-space: normal; to the style definition of the Bootstrap Button. .btn { white-space: normal; } Incoming search terms:bootstrap nutton wrap text,button text does not fit in the button properly bootstrap,how to wrap text in bootstrap,wrap text in button css